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Avada WordPress Theme

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Avada is a Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme. Which have More Than 80 Premium Prebuild Websites or Templates.
It has Multi-Functions Features. Some Top Features are:

1) Live Visual Builder
2) Layout Builder
3) Header Builder
4) Footer Builder
5) Form Builder
6) Performance Wizar

Amazing Demo Avada Demos:
The Best Demo Importer On The Market – Industry-leading demo import that is amazingly easy to use and the fastest way to build your website. One-click demo import allows you to install a full demo with everything, or a partial demo. Want the Creative demo but with Modern Shop products for an eCommerce site? Easily done! And you can quickly uninstall any imported demo content with a click.
Professionally designed demos that you can import with just a click. Industry-leading demo designs created by a team of professional designers.
More demos are added with each major update based on popular demand
Each demo is professionally designed to truly represent the exact nature of the industry; Cafe, Gym, Agency, Travel, and Photography just to name a few
Beautiful easy-to-use interface through a Welcome Screen that allows you to see each demo, preview it, then import with just a click.
WooCommerce shop setup and products import, bbPress content imports, Events Calendar content imports
Each demo has been optimized and meticulously combed over for full completion
Advanced Theme Options Network Fusion Theme Options control options and settings globally throughout the site, whereas Fusion Page Options control individual pages and posts. Individual page options give you the freedom to change anything on a single page or post that will thereby override the global Theme Options. The Avada Advanced Options Network gives you the ultimate flexibility to design and style layouts that are unique and stand out from the rest of the site.
50+ main and sub-theme option panels loaded with powerful customization options
Extensive options which provide incredible customization options without having to modify code
Fully dependent options so the only ones you see are the options that are in use based on your configuration
Entire option network correlation so you can quickly see what is set global vs individual
An incredible search feature that allows you to quickly find any option you need
Advanced options to enable or disable individual features for performance enhancements
Full control over the entire layout; site width, content area, sidebars, and more
Logically organized options based on normal site building procedures
Customized repeater fields that allow for unlimited custom fonts and icons
Custom fonts can be used in any font family filed throughout the site
Combined options for things like typography put you in full control of all settings in one area saving you precious time
Easily import and export your data for use on different installs or for safe backups
Native WordPress feel that has the same hover effects, styles, and pulls user color profiles
All running on a customized version of the powerful Redux Framework
Advanced Fusion Page/Post Options We created the page and post options to extend the Avada Theme Options. Doing this gives you extreme flexibility by being able to override the global Theme Options and create unique and dynamic content-rich pages that stand out. Any single page or post (or more than one) can have a different layout and styling compared to the rest of the site.
Multiple option panels with amazingly deep customization options: Sliders, Page, Post, Header, Footer, Sidebars, Backgrounds, Portfolio, Page Title Bar
Assign any slider to any page or post, show the slider above or below the header, and use transparent header per page
Customize the page title bar for any page or post
Customize page settings like paddings uniquely for each page or post
Customize header styles individually for any page or post
Insert custom images or colors for header section, main section, boxed background per page or post

Choose a custom menu per page or post:
Enable or Disable headers, footers, sliders, sidebars, backgrounds, and more per page or post
Customize various parts of the portfolio per page or portfolio posts
Insert custom excerpt length per portfolio pages
Customize sidebars and sidebar positions for any page or post.
Incredible Theme Updates That Make All The Difference
Avada is not only the #1 theme because of what it is now, it’s also the #1 selling theme because of what it will continue to be in the future.
Avada releases continued value packed feature updates based off user-requested features and demands
Continued codebase improvements for performance enhancements and future maintenance
Every update is FREE to anyone who has bought a license
Multiple Premium Slider Options
Includes Amazing Revolution Slider Plugin – $35 Value
Includes the Awesome Parallax Layer Slider Plugin – $22 Value
Custom Fusion Slider With Parallax Effect, Full-Screen options, and self-hosted / youtube / Vimeo support
Includes Elastic Slider
Includes FlexSlider 2 for page and post sliders
All sliders are touch swipe compatible and fully responsive
Intuitive Fusion Builder Live
Beautiful visual page builder to help you easily build creative layouts
Most intuitive page builder on the market, easy to use while producing incredible results
Easy to use user interface makes page building a breeze
Drag and drop any of our elements to your heart’s content
Easily create stunning pages within minutes using shortcodes
Save custom page layouts to reuse on other pages or post
Dozens of design elements to build unique pages quickly
Global options per short code element and individual override in Fusion Builder
Includes element previews for text, images, and more
Over 60+ Elements and endless options to easily build creative layouts
Many shortcodes have several design options to choose from
Includes short code Generator integrated into Fusion Builder and default WordPress editor

Fusion Mega Menu:
A beautiful Fusion Mega Menu design for large stylish menus and they are widgets ready
Normal menus with 5 level dropdown
Accepts widgets; add maps, images, forms, and any widget available!
Use from 1-6 columns
Set the menu to be full width or specific pixel value
Control each column width for more creative layouts
Insert background images in the full mega menu, or in individual columns
Insert icons or custom thumbnails next to menu items
Menu highlight labels can be added to any menu item for added visual cues
WooCommerce Compatible With Extensive Design Integration
Plugin ready with full design integration
Intuitive theme options panel for industry-leading customization options
Options for 1-6 Columns
Custom featured product slider to display your products
Custom featured product carousel to display your products
Full width or sidebar single product pages
Full width or sidebar shop page
Avada Single product gallery or default WooCommerce product gallery
Single product image zoom on hover or disable zoom via options network
Display products based on category, ID, or SKU
WooCommerce shortcodes are compatible with Avada columns
Continued collaboration with the WooCommerce team to ensure compatibility
Popular Plugin Design Integration
WooCommerce is compatible with full design integration
The Events Calendar compatible with full design integration
bbPress compatible with full design integration
WPML plugin ready
Polyana compatible
Gravity Forms compatible with full design integration
Contact Form 7 is compatible with full design integration
Continued collaboration with each team to ensure compatibility
Unlimited Color & Styling Options
Extremely detailed theme options that allow you to control colors across the theme
Shortcode styling tab in theme options to style shortcodes with ease
Unlimited Color Options / Skins with Backend Color Picker
Full-Color Customizations – change every element with ease including shortcodes
Choose a Light or Dark skin with one click
Choose from 8 pre-defined color skins, or create your own
Beautiful color pickers with integrated color and opacity sliders for added creativity
Advanced Portfolio Layout Options
3 layout options to choose from; Grid, Masonry, Classic, Text
1-6 column classic layout options
1-6 column text layout options along with a boxed or unboxed mode
Portfolio Masonry layout with unique hover effect
Portfolio Grid layout
Recent Work shortcode to insert portfolio posts on any page or post
Chose from auto image sizes or cropped image sizes
Global theme options settings and individual page and post settings
Set up multiple portfolio pages and set custom categories per page
Choose a custom layout for archive/category pages
Select specific categories for each portfolio, fully customized
Set custom skills and tags for each portfolio post
Easily order your Portfolio Items with the awesome Re-Order Plugin
Awesome image rollovers with lightbox and link icons!
Full-Width featured image or Half-Width featured image single post page
New Full-width single post page with no details or sidebar
Use 100% Width page template on single post pages
Use sidebars or dual sidebars on single post pages, also enable/disable project details and descriptions
Select a premium slider to show on your portfolio posts or page!
Use Images, Slideshows, & Videos Very Easily!
Set Custom Featured Image size per post
Show or hide rollover icons per post
Change the opacity and color of image rollovers
Auto-generated thumbnails
Easily specify the number of items per page
Automatic pagination
Sortable/filterable categories
Enable comments on portfolio posts
Many more bells and whistles to build the perfect portfolio site
Advanced Blog Layout Options
6 Layouts to choose from; grid, masonry, timeline, large, large alternate, medium, medium alternate
Global theme options settings and individual page and post settings
Blog Masonry layout with unique hover effect
All 6 layouts can have a left or right sidebar, or be full width
4 post types (video, sideshow, audio, image)
Set up multiple blog pages and set custom categories per page using our blog shortcode
Select a premium slider to show on your blog page!
Easily order your Blog Posts with the awesome Re-Order Plugin
Awesome image rollovers with lightbox and link icons!
Set Custom Featured Image size per post
Show or hide rollover icons per post
Change the opacity and color of image rollovers
Auto-generated thumbnails
Easily specify the number of items per page
Choose pagination or infinite scrolling
Post sharing box with social icons
Threaded Comments
Pages can have a left or right sidebar

Author profile page:
Tons of options to add or remove metadata, featured images, full or excerpt, etc
Many more bells and whistles to build the perfect portfolio site
Custom Page Templates & Page Options Included
Customize each and every page easily through global theme options or individual page option overrides
Use and of our 4 premium Sliders on every page or post
Contact page template
FAQ page template
Sidebar Left or Right using Default Page
100% width page template for 100% of browser width
Side Navigation page template
Portfolio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Columns with auto or cropped image sizes
Control the column spacing between each column for added creativity and design flexibility
Blank Page (perfect for Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode)pages
Default page
Built-In 404 Page
Advanced page/post options to customize each page/post
Advanced Responsive Image Management
Custom responsive image setup that automatically creates the best situation per image
Intelligent image size generation so the best image size is used per layout
This provides major performance enhancements due to optimal image sizes being used
Avada is Multi-Lingual/RTL Ready!
Translation Ready, Includes the .po and .mo files
Being translated into 30+ languages
Built-In RTL support
WPML plugin integration
Polyana Support
Each language you use with WPML gives you a full theme options panel to set options per language
Deep integration with Avada and our technical teams means that your language needs are confidently taken care of.
Includes 30+ languages partially or fully translated, below are a few examples
German – Deutsch (de_DE)
Español – España (es_ES)
Italian (it_IT)
Dutch – Nederlands (nl_NL)
Czech – Cestina (cs_CZ)
French – Français (fr_FR)
Polish – Polski (pl_PL)
Turkish – Türkçe (tr)
Portuguese (Brazilian) – (pt_BR)
Portuguese (European) – (pt_PT)
Chinese – Taiwan (zh_TW)
Russian – Pyccknn (ru_RU)
Swedish – Svenska (sv_SE)
Catalan – Català (ca)
Norwegian – Bokmal (nb_NO)
And several more all controlled through a public repository on Github!
Advanced Typography Options!
Use Google Fonts, Standard Fonts, or Upload Your Custom Font!
You can upload unlimited custom fonts and use them all throughout the site
All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
Set different font sizes, families, margins, letter spacing, and more for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, sidebar, etc
Set different colors for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, sidebar, etc
Set line-height values for each font type as well
Font preview in theme options that shows all font settings live
Advanced Background Options
Unlimited Backgrounds for boxed & wide mode, per page or post, or global!
Use a global theme option if you want the same image on every page
Or upload a custom background image for each page or post in several areas
Insert backgrounds in the header, footer, main content area, and background
Options for 100% background image and background-repeat options
Full-width sections allow background images with parallax effects and directions
Page title bar backgrounds, with parallax effect and text fade effect
Columns (1-6) each have a background image option also
Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
Upload custom background images or colors per page or post (boxed version)
Upload custom page title bar images or colors per page or post
Choose 100% background image, or varying repeat options
Choose boxed or wide mode per page or post
Advanced Header Options
Select from 7 different header layouts, including mobile header layout options
Headers can be top, left, or right positions
Choose what you display in the top left, top right, and banner section
Top Sliding Widget Bar, insert any widget, 1-6 columns, various theme options
Includes a Sticky Header for more advanced usability, enable/disable via theme options
Change colors for the varying elements in the header
Select social icons to show in the header along with custom or brand colors, boxed or unboxed
Fully control the size, shape, background padding, and more for social icons
Change the position of your logo; left, right, center
Insert a custom background image in the header, or a custom color
Change all margins with ease via theme options
Supports up to 5th level dropdown menus
Many more customization options via theme options and page options
Advanced Page Title Bar
Enable or disable the page title bar globally, or per page/post
Options to set height, background image, parallax effect, background color, retina image per page or post, or one global option
Choose to show the search bar or breadcrumbs on the right side of the page title bar
Advanced Footer Options
Insert custom background image behind widgets
1-6 columns, insert any widgets into each column
Back To Top button, enable disable in theme options
Control the color of each section of the footer
Various style options for disabling text-shadow, social icons, etc
Copyright bar, customize the text, and enable/disable via theme options
Select social icons to show in the footer along with custom or brand colors, boxed or unboxed
Fully control the size, shape, background padding, and more for social icons
Many more customization options via theme options and page options
Form Plugin Options
Built-in custom styles for the Contact Form 7 plugin
Built-in custom styles for the premium Gravity Forms plugin
Built-In Contact Form
Built-in form with ReCaptcha Spam Protection
Uses Google Maps above form on the contact page
Custom Google Map Styling
Set custom sizes for your map
Use a sidebar with your contact page or have it full width
Options are easily selected and setup via the theme options panel
Unlimited Single or Dual Sidebars
Create custom sidebars for the various sections of the site
Use single or dual sidebars on any page or post
Sidebars can be positioned on the left or right side
Use any of our custom or built-in widgets in any sidebar
Set sidebars globally for each different area of the site like pages, posts, products, events, etc
Set sidebars individually per page or post via the fusion page options
Beautifully designed Custom Widgets
Twitter Widget
Flickr Widget
Facebook Widget
Recent Works Widget (pulls from Portfolio Items)
Contact Details Widget
Advertising Ad Widget
Social Links Widget
Layer Slider & Revolution Slider Widget
Horizontal Menu Widget
Basic Text Widget which can take our shortcodes!
Advanced Search Options
Show search icon in the main menu that has a popup search field
Choose to search all pages and posts, or just posts
Dedicated Search Results page
Modern fly out search design for header 6
Various theme options to customize search results, layouts, images, excerpts, etc
Side Navigation Page With Parent/Child Levels
Select “on-hover” or “one-click” for side menu items
An unlimited amount of side navigation sets can be made
Control the side navigation width and other styles
Can be used with single and dual sidebars
Misc Notes
A majority of the images in our demos are stock images from various sources and are currently not included with the purchase.
Some of the awesome mockups and portfolio items were created by PixEden Signup for an account today!

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